FALCON80 | Floor Model Vacuum Chamber

Atmovac tm
Our FALCON SERIES are intended to deliver results when time is of the essence. Oversize powerful pumps (100 CM/hr) and large holding capacities will get your production going
in no time!

All units are:

  • Manufactured in the Netherlands.
  • Equipped with BUSCH pumps &
    Self-Maintenance program.
  • ETL certified.

  • Single Chamber size:
  • 20'' L x 30'' W x 9.5'' H
  • Seal bar: 1x 30'' (front) - 1x 20'' (right)
  • Digital control with 10-program memory
  • Aluminium chamber/lid with sight glass
  • Pump maintenance & cleaning program
  • Removable silicone holders for cleaning
  • Insert plates included

     Optional add-ons:

  • 3rd seal bar
  • Soft air
  • Liquid control**
  • ACS***
  • Gas flush
  • Cut-off Seal
  • Wide Seal (0.4")
  • Bi-Active Seal
  • ESD Configuration (in combination
    with Bi-Active Seal)
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Ship Weight



Internal / External Vacuum Packaging Machine
Floor Model - Single Chamber - Sensor Control* - Dual seal beams (“ L” configuration) High lid (9.5'')

Product dimensions (W x H x L) : 33.5'' x 41.25'' x 32.25''

Package dimensions (W x H x L) : 37.5'' x 54.25'' x 40.5''

Net Weight : 500 lbs

Barcode : 628242149853

586 lbs

$20,655 USD


Sensor Control*: Vacuum process will end when the preset percentage has been reached.

Optional: Liquid Control**: Prevents liquids from boiling during the vacuum process. When the boiling point is detected, the vacuum process stops and the bag is sealed with no loss of moisture. Product, pump and vacuum chamber are equally protected.

Optional: ACS***(Advanced Control System): LCD panel, 20-program memory, secured access, gate check/maintenance alarm, USB connection, printer compatibility, HACCP compliance, easy service and maintenance.
  • Amperage: 21A
  • Volts: 208
  • Watts: 2400
  • Origin: The Netherlands
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labour, 3 years parts (*Pumps, Teflon seal tape and gaskets are excluded from parts warranty. See corresponding Atmovac Service Kits, sold separately.)


  • Hard Wire / 3 Phases


  • Etl us can
  • Busch logo

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